Why Choose Us


There are many reasons to choose Galaxy Hospital as your private healthcare provider of choice.

  • * Our committed team of doctors, are excellent in their field of specialization, with a minimum of 10 years of experience behind them.
  • * Our continuous investment in technology and upgradation of our facilities, ensures we attract leading consultants and specialists to work with us.
  • * Our outstanding clinical care, and reputation for a friendly environment that promotes health, happiness and harmony is a definite plus. For us, it is not just about medicine. It is personal.
  • * Galaxy Hospital is committed to providing effective, high quality, cost-efficient healthcare. All facilities under one roof. No running around to get tests done, for a correct diagnosis.
  • * Our specialists collaborate across disciplines to listen to your story, evaluate your condition from every angle, and develop a diagnosis and treatment plan that's just for you.
  • * Our dedicated and motivated staff provide personalised care for the most comfortable healthcare experience you can have. It is ingrained in us to do so.
  • * Our professionals ensure being abreast of the changing times by conducting CME’s, medical conferences, medical camps, health programs, medical awareness programs and regular practical trainings. We also have a library to keep our knowledge of our profession upto date.
  • At Galaxy Hospital it is about keeping the hope alive..! Returning disappointed, is not an option.